Happy Melancholy and Easy Piano Concerto are works by Endcliffe Orchestra viola player Matthew Leese. He has been a member of the orchestra since 2006 and in recent years has been the orchestra’s treasurer and a committee member. Happy Melancholy was first performed in the January 2016 concert, and a decision was taken to record it, which took place on July 4th at Ecclesall Parish Church. His second orchestral work is a three-movement piano concerto intended for amateur pianists and Matthew performed this with the orchestra in the Summer 2018 concert.

Happy Melancholy can be heard on YouTube at the following link:

Happy Melancholy

Below is a video extract of the recording:


The Easy Piano Concerto along with other pieces from 2018 Summer Concert, and some earlier performances, can be heard on the Endcliffe Orchestra’s YouTube channel:

Endcliffe Orchestra on YouTube