The Endcliffe Orchestra retains contact details (not including addresses) of all current and recent members to allow for regular communications necessary to keep everyone informed about the operation of the orchestra.

As it is sometimes unclear when a member has formally ceased to be a member we contact everyone once a year reminding them that their contact details are on our list and that they can remove their details by unsubscribing.

We also retain the names, email addresses and phone numbers of people who have applied to join the orchestra and are on our waiting lists.

All bulk emails contain the option to unsubscribe.

No details of persons under the age of eighteen are kept without the permission of a relevant adult. Members under the age of eighteen are required to provide emergency contact details which we will retain for the duration of their orchestra membership.

As part of the record keeping of the orchestra’s accounts, we may retain contact details for up to seven years of individuals and businesses that have had a business relationship with the orchestra.