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Concert on 21st January:

Humperdick: Overture Hansel and Gretel

Marquez: Danzon No.2

John Williams: Star Wars Suite – FIRST MOVEMENT ONLY

Leroy Anderson: The Typewriter

Coates: Dambusters March

Grieg: Hall of Mountain King

Vaughan Williams: Fantasia Greensleeves

Puccini: Musetta’s Waltz

J. Strauss: Mein Herr Marquis

Sherwin: Nightingale

Martin: Trolley Song from Meet me in St. Louis

Elgar: Pomp & Circumstance March 1

Parry: Jerusalem

Wood: Fantasia British Sea Songs


Please note the date of the final rehearsal of term – Dec 19th

Oct 31        Typewriter, Marquez, Star Wars & Hansel

Nov 7         Sectionals: 1sts with Ralph in vestry (Chloe Saywell coming for 8.00 to work with violins in particular on the Puccini and maybe other songs), 2nds with Cathy upstairs, violas with Lindsay venue tbc, cellos with Charlie in usual place, woodwind with Martin at Stuart’s, brass with Anthony at Bents Green Meths.

Nov 14       Puccini, Strauss, Nightingale, Trolley & Greensleeves

Nov 21       Hall M K, Pomp, Sea Songs & Dambusters

Nov 28       Greensleeves (Chloe coming at 8.00) Puccini, Strauss, Nightingale, Trolley      

Dec 5           Dambusters, Jerusalem, Sea Songs & Star Wars. Star Wars will be the second half of the rehearsal, ie straight after the break at about 8.50.

Dec 12        Star Wars, Marquez, Sea Songs

Dec 19      No break – finish at c.8.45 then celebrate the end of term at the Robin Hood

                   Marquez, Typewriter, Star Wars & Hansel

Two weeks off – restart January 9th

Dates for your diary 2017: Jan 15th rehearsal for concert Jan 21st

June 25th rehearsal for concert July1st  

All Plans Subject To Alteration – CHECK PREVIOUS REHEARSAL!!