To apply to join the Endcliffe Orchestra please complete the following form. If you are invited to join the orchestra the details you provide will become your user account with which you will be able to access private information in the “Member Services” area of the site. Please try to complete as many of the fields as possible. This information will be stored confidentially and will not be shared with anyone outside of the orchestra. When you have completed the form please click the “Register” button.

Once you have submitted the form a member of our committee will contact you.

This is the name that will appear to other members of the orchestra if you post notices to the blog. We recommend that you select something like firstname.lastname.

Please provide your mobile number if you have one as we will send urgent messages by text.

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By accepting these terms you give permission to the Endcliffe Orchestra to store and utilise your name and information in future orchestra-related publicity, directories, and databases. This information may be made available to members of the Endcliffe Orchestra. Your postal address, telephone numbers, email address or other private information will not be made available to members of the public outside the Endcliffe Orchestra without your prior written consent. Your agreement with this statement is necessary to comply with the 1998 Data Protection Act in the United Kingdom. In addition, by accepting these terms you give your consent for representatives of the Endcliffe Orchestra to take photographs, video recordings and/or audio recordings of you and use the same in connection with publicity, advertising and promotional materials without reservation or limitation.