Come and join us!  The membership of the orchestra is wide and varied, and includes players of all ages and levels of experience.  All members share a passion for playing and performing together and for developing orchestral and ensemble technique.

This section of the website provides information for those interested in joining the orchestra or participating in music-making events with us, including the rehearsal schedule for the current season, the procedure for applying to join the orchestra and information for new members.

If you would like to apply for membership then please complete the online application form.

Come and see us!
We usually perform two concerts per year and also take part in collaborations with other groups, participate in workshops and organise a range of courses and other music-making activities. Read about our forthcoming programme of events.
Join us!
We are a friendly group of amateur musicians, enthusiastic about making music together and developing our skills under the guidance of a team of professionals. Find out how you can join us and learn about the vacancies we have at the moment.
Member Services
If you are a member of the Endcliffe Orchestra then this site provides a wide range of resources, music, contact lists, news, rehearsal schedules and other information that will be very helpful to you. Log in to access our member services section.
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