JoAnne Sibanda is a composer and musician,  currently in her final year studying music at Sheffield University. With a passion for classical music, she continues to serve in her musical capacity in her local church. She has worked with various instrumental ensembles and choirs including the Sheffield homeschool choir, ‘rejoice’ and ‘Unity’ choirs which she founded and also leads.

She approach the Endcliffe Orchestra with her proposal for a joint Gospel Choir and Classical Orchestra concert. The event is intended to introduce the different genres of music to new audiences.

JoAnne will compose music for orchestra and choir to perform together, and the choir and orchestra will also perform some short pieces separately.

The orchestra is delighted to have been chosen to participate in such an innovative and exciting venture.

The main event is on 31st March 2019 at Firth Court, Sheffield University, and will also be at a separate event as part of the Classical Sheffield festival on 9th March 2019, Burton Road, Hillsborough.

Further details to follow.

– members of the Unity Choir, founded and directed by JoAnne: